Creating a theme resource

Create new themes and add them to applications.

Before you begin

By default, XPages and user interface controls use whatever theme has been defined for the server. That global theme can be modified, for all applications, or it can be overridden by an application specific theme.

About this task

Use the following steps to create an application and then create a theme resource.


  1. Launch Domino® Designer in Eclipse.
  2. From the menu bar, click File > New > Domino Application.
  3. In the Server field, select or enter a server name to store the new application.
  4. In the Title field, enter a title for the new application (for example, Theme Tutorial). As you type, Designer adds the title to the File Name field. You can accept this application file name or change it. The file name must end with the NSF file extension.
  5. Select the Discussion - Notes & Web (8) application template from the list.
  6. Click OK. Your application bookmark appears in the left-hand Applications Navigator. This bookmark displays the application name and the related NSF file name with its location path.
  7. Click on the application bookmark to give it focus in the Applications Navigator.
  8. Expand the bookmark by clicking on the Expand/Collapse icon to the left of its name. This will display the top level list of design elements available to that application.
  9. In the Applications Navigator, expand the Resources icon.
  10. Double-click the Themes icon. The Work pane opens for the new theme page.
  11. Click the New Theme button.
  12. In the Domino Designer - New Theme dialog box, type a theme name (for example, MyTheme) in the Name field. By default, Domino Designer adds a .theme file extension to this name.
  13. In the Application field, select the valid Domino application from the drop down. If multiple Domino applications exist, the drop down will let you select from a list.
  14. Click OK.
  15. In the editor that opens, modify the default XML source code. If you want your theme to use values from a CSS style sheet, replace the default resource reference with a reference to the desired CSS style sheet. If you want to specify the handling of a single control element, replace the default control name and property information with the desired name and information. If you want to specify the handling of more than one control element, copy and paste the control block for each control element whose handling you want defined, then replace the control name and property information with the desired name and information.
  16. Click File > Save or press CTRL-S to save your work.
  17. Close the editor when you have finished.


Now, you have successfully created the theme and added it to the application. The new theme appears in the Resources > Themes category in the Applications Navigator.