Designing with themes in XPages

A theme is used to define the look and feel of an application.

Themes are server-side customization of HTML generation that can be used to define the look and feel of an application. A theme can be set globally, to apply to all applications run on that server, or applied to a single application. Different themes can also be applied depending on context.

Themes are different from Style Sheets in that they are not restricted to CSS styles. A theme can assign values to any XML property, including such functional properties as the number of rows displayed by a view. Themes can assign values of JSF expressions, which will be interpreted when a page is created as if that expression was in the source.

Themes can be used to control all XML properties of an XPage. Themes can also control all CSS style properties and the body style attribute for web pages served by Domino®. The same theme can be customized to target the XPages and Domino Web environment with different properties.

Themes are one of the design elements available from the Applications Navigator. The Applications Navigator is the left hand tab shown in the user interface. Themes are available under the Resources design element.

Note: Starting with Designer 8.5.2, XPages supports an upgraded theme library named oneuiv2. This release is based on the OneUI v2.0.1 gold release installed with Notes/Domino 8.5.2 which includes numerous CSS, image, and performance enhancements. You should use this theme going forward. The older version - named oneui is retained for backward compatibility.
Note: With Release 9.0.1, XPages now supports a theme the complies with accessibility guidelines and requirements. This theme is named oneuiv2.1_blue.