Reference tab

The Reference tab provides a list of global objects and system libraries.

Click the Reference tab to see a list of the available global objects and system libraries. This tab is in the window to the left of the coding window.
  • Select Global Objects, Control Declaration Snippets, Global Functions, a library, or @Functions from the list at the top.
  • Expand a class to see its constructors, methods, and fields.
  • Double-click an entry to copy it to the coding window.

By default the reference tab lists the most common classes and methods. To get a complete list, check Show advanced JavaScript.

The Control Declaration Snippets section has an entry for each control on the page. For example, if a page has an edit box and a computed field, you see the following entries:
Double-clicking an entry places an object definition in the editor. For example, double-clicking on each of the above entries results in the following definitions in the editor:
var = getComponent("computedField1");
var = getComponent("inputText1");