showCheckbox - Show Check Box

Displays a check box before the column content.






In Design mode, click the Display tab under Properties and look for Check box, or click All Properties and look for showCheckbox under format.

By default, a column does not have a check box.

At run time, the user can select one or more documents through the check boxes. The following mechanisms access selected documents:
  • In a script, the getSelectedIds method of the viewPanel component returns a string array of the Note IDs of currently selected items. Use getComponent to get the viewPanel component as an object. For example:
  • The Delete Selected Documents simple action deletes currently selected documents.


This view control has one column that displays with a checkbox.
<xp:viewPanel rows="30" id="viewPanel1" pageName="/main2.xsp">
		<xp:pager partialRefresh="true" layout="Previous Group Next"
			xp:key="headerPager" id="pager1">
		<xp:dominoView var="view1" viewName="main"></xp:dominoView>
	<xp:viewColumn columnName="subject" id="viewColumn1"
		displayAs="link" showCheckbox="true">
		<xp:viewColumnHeader value="subject"
This button executes a script that gets documents selected in the above view and puts them in a folder.
<xp:button value="Put in Selected folder" id="button3">
<xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="true"
		var docids = getComponent("viewPanel1").getSelectedIds();
		for (var id in docids) {
			var doc:NotesDocument = database.getDocumentByID(id);
			doc.putInFolder("Selected", true);
This button executes a simple action that deletes documents selected in the above view.
<xp:button value="delete documents" id="button1">
<xp:eventHandler event="onclick" submit="true" refreshMode="complete">
	<xp:deleteSelectedDocuments view="viewPanel1"
		message="Do you really want to delete these documents?">