Using hover help

Hovering over certain elements displays the associated help topic or developer comment if it is available.

About this task

The elements are as follows:
  • LotusScript keyword - displays the help
  • Domino class - displays the help
  • Domino property - displays the help
  • Domino method - displays the help
  • External library (when you hover over the Use statement) - displays the top-level developer comment or generic information (author, modification date, comments) if there is no developer comment
  • User class - class name, top-level developer comment, properties, methods
  • User method - signature, parent module, top-level developer comment, parent class
  • User property - name, type, parent class, parent module
  • User variable - name, type, parent class, parent module, value if constant
To adjust the delay interval, click Preferences > Domino Designer > LotusScript Editor and change the value of Hover help delay for identifiers and keywords (ms). The default setting is 500 milliseconds.