inputHidden - Hidden Input

Hides data from the user.


Core Controls


<xp:inputHidden attributes>content</xp:inputHidden>
Table 1. Essential properties
Property Description
id Defaults to inputHidden1, inputHidden2, and so on.
value Binds the control to a data element or other value.
Table 2. All properties
Category Properties
basics attrs, binding, htmlFilter, htmlFilterIn, id, immediate, loaded, multipleSeparator, multipleTrim, rendered, rendererType, required
data converter, defaultValue, disableClientSideValidation, disableModifiedFlag, validator, validators, value, valueChangeListener, valueChangeListeners
dojo dojoAttributes, dojoType
styling disableTheme, themeId


At run time, nothing appears on the page. The control can be manipulated programmatically.

To access this control, open Other on the Controls palette (or click Create > Other).


This Hidden Input control is bound to a field on a Domino® form.
<xp:inputHidden id="inputHidden1" value="#{document1.description}"></xp:inputHidden>