Source editor

Use the Source editor to directly edit XPages source code.

When you are editing an XPage, you can use the Source tab to directly edit the XPages source code. This can be very useful if you are familiar with the XPages language.

You can do the following tasks in the editor:

Task Action
Use content assist while coding.

Press CTRL+SPACE to invoke the content assist features while coding. This also works for SSJS (Server Side JavaScript) embedded within your XPage .

Content assist as a feature of the XPages source editor is driven through the use of a schema. Domino® Designer dynamically builds a schema based on the current Notes® application. The schema contains help information for each attribute of each tag as part of the XPages runtime.

Use hyperlink navigation while coding.

Hyperlink navigation describes generic Eclipse functionality where text within an editor can be made into a hyperlink. Press CTRL while hovering over any text or link (including a custom control name) to navigate directly to that link location/design element. Eclipse provides feedback to the editor that you are using hyperlink navigation.

For example, use this feature while editing custom controls. When you press CTRL and hover over a Custom Control in the source editor, hyperlink navigation lets you navigate directly to that Custom Control.

Use hover help while coding.

To use this feature, hover over a particular 'node' with your cursor to get more information on it. Similar hyperlink navigation (see above), the Eclipse editor framework is able to provide a description for the current tag (and attribute).

All tags and attributes that provide a description for themselves via xsp-config are able to have that information made visible in the hover help functionality within the XPages source editor.

You can control he behavior of this feature from the Domino Designer Preferences tab. The feature is turned on by default, with a time-out of 500 milliseconds associated with the preference. That is, once the cursor has been 'at rest' for greater than 500 ms (milliseconds) the Eclipse editor framework will invoke the XPages source editor hover help functionality.

Invoke the product help system Press F1 to open context help.
Perform other editing tasks. Right-click on the Source editor page to display a menu of other actions that you can perform while in the editor.
Maximize the editor Click the Maximize icon or double-click the tab.
Restore the editor to its original size and location Click the Restore icon or double-click the tab. This function is enabled only if you have maximized the editor.
Resize the editor with keyboard arrows Right-click the tab and select Size then Left, Right, Top, or Bottom to highlight an edge of the editor. Press the appropriate keyboard arrow to expand or contract the editor.