mode - Mode

Specifies the retrieval mode for the dropdown list for type ahead.




Where full makes the entire XPage available for calculation of the dropdown list, partial makes only the control using type ahead available, none makes nothing available, and external (not supported) gets the dropdown list from an external url.


In Design mode with focus on the parent control, click the Type Ahead tab under Properties and look for Mode, or with focus on the typeAhead control click All Properties and look for mode under basics.

Use full if the dropdown list depends on other values on the page. Use partial or none if performance is a concern and the dropdown list does not depend on other values on the page.

The default is full.


This Edit Box control provides type ahead with partial retrieval. Full retrieval is not necessary because the value list is static.
<xp:inputText id="inputText1" value="#{document1.subject}">
	<xp:typeAhead mode="partial" minChars="1"
	valueListSeparator="#" tokens=",/" ignoreCase="true">