Editing a full script or script sections

The LotusScript® editor in Eclipse (LSEE) permits you to work on all sections at once, or one section at a time.

About this task

To edit all sections, click the top node on the Objects tab. To edit one section, click its name on the Objects tab.

When you create a section in full-script mode, the section appears within the current text and on the Objects tab, and you remain in full-script mode. If you delete a section in full-script mode, it disappears from the editor and the Objects tab.

When you create a section in section mode, the editor goes to the new section. When you delete a section in section mode, the editor goes to another section.

In full-script mode, the banner displays the section where you have focus, unless you have selected text across sections.

In full-script mode, the section with focus is also highlighted in the outline on the Objects tab. Note that when a declaration has focus, the Declarations section is highlighted, not the specific declaration.

Searching and printing apply to the text currently in the editor. In full-script mode, you get all sections. If you are editing a section, you get only that section.

The predefined database script objects, starting with Postdocumentdelete, can be coded in LotusScript or the formula language. (Options), (Declarations), Initialize, and Terminate apply only to LotusScript. Initially a database script opens in full-script mode with Option Declare (unless the preference is cleared) and stubs for Sub Initialize and Sub Terminate. In full-script mode, you can add LotusScript code for a predefined object and add new LotusScript objects. If you use only LotusScript, the interface works the same as for script libraries and agents.

To use a formula for a predefined database script object: select the object, click the Formula button, and click the at-sign button. This displays the Edit Formula window. Write your formula and click Done to save.

An object that contains a formula is denoted by an at-sign on the triangle. You cannot edit a formula in full-script mode. You must select the object and open the Edit Formula window. You can write both LotusScript and formula code for an object, and switch between the two until you close the editor. At that time, the selected code is saved and the other code is discarded.