selectItem - Selection Item

Provides an item for user selection, for example, in a check box.




<xp:selectItem attributes>content</xp:selectItem>
Table 1. Essential properties
Property Description
itemLabel Provides text for display to the user. Required.
itemValue Provides a value for the parent control if the user selects this item. Required.
Table 2. All properties
Category Properties
basics attrs, binding, id, itemDescription, itemDisabled, itemLabel, rendered, rendererType
data itemValue, value
format disableTheme, themeId


Embed this control in another control to provide an item selection for the parent control.

In Design mode, put focus on the control that is to contain the item selection and click the Values tab under Properties. Use Add item and Import List to create selectItem controls.

To see the item selection properties under All properties, you must switch to Source mode and put focus on the embedded selectItem control (as opposed to the parent control).


This Check Box Group control contains two items for selection.
<xp:checkBoxGroup id="checkBoxGroup1" value="#{document1.fruit}">
	<xp:selectItem itemLabel="Apples" itemValue="apples"></xp:selectItem>
	<xp:selectItem itemLabel="Oranges" itemValue="oranges"></xp:selectItem>