Setting Domino Designer user preferences

You can customize Domino Designer so that it runs and displays just the way you want it to.

You can set many preferences for Domino Designer in the Preferences dialog box, by choosing File >Preferences >Domino Designer. Areas where you can directly customize Domino Designer are:

  • Applications Navigator
  • Java Editor
  • LotusScript Editor (including Code Templates, Comment Templates, Fonts and Colors)
  • Source Control
  • XPages (including Extension Library)

Be aware that some of the Preferences you set will not take effect until the next time you start Designer. In this case, Designer shows a warning message when you modify one of the preferences that requires restart.

You can also set preferences for the Notes client including areas such as the Toolbar, Calendar, To Do, Mail, your Personal Address Book, and the Status Bar. Refer to the appropriate section in the Notes client Help to learn more about setting preferences in those areas of Notes.