Using parameters

Parameters require work in both the component and XPage interfaces.


  1. Add parameters to the component using the Add button on the Parameters tab of the component interface.
  2. Access parameters on the XPage using any of the following techniques.
    • In a server script, you can make the following global object specification where name is the name of a component parameter:
    • In a server script, you can use the following methods of the XSPContext object:
      getComponentParameter(name:string) : any
      setComponentParameter(name:string, value:any) : void
    • On the Data tab of a control, you can bind a parameter to the control. Click Advanced, select Component Parameter, and specify the parameter.

What to do next

The XSPContext object has the following additional methods for working with components:
getComponentInstanceId() : string
getComponentMode() : string
isComponent() : boolean
setComponentMode(mode:string) : void
setComponentMode(mode:string, cancel:boolean) : void
The allowable mode values are view, edit, and help.