Handling a file synch conflict

This topic describes how to handle a file synch conflict with the source control feature.

About this task

When working with files in source control, you may receive file synch conflict errors. If this occurs, a Sync Conflict dialog message pops up with list box containing the files in conflict. You can select one or more files and choose to compare the various versions of the file. After you have determined which is the correct one, you can then select which version to use.

The Synch Conflict dialog presents a view that has 3 columns: file name, last modified (NSF) date, and last modified (On-disk) date. A Compare button lets you bring up a dialog that lets you see DXL versions of the NSF and On-disk versions of an element, side by side, with differences highlighted.

The following steps are used in an example where you have 2 files with conflicts. In this case, a synch conflict between the NSF and on-disk project has occurred and the 2 files are listed on the Sync Conflict panel.


  1. If you wish, select a file and click the Compare button. This action brings up the Compare dialog displaying the contents of each file with the differences highlighted.
  2. Decide which version of the file you wish to use and press either the Use NSF version button or the Use On-Disk Project Version button. The Use NSF version option overwrites the On-Disk version, and the Use On-Disk Project Version option overwrites the NSF version. You can do either of these operations independently.
  3. If you click the Close button without specifying any files, those files will show up again in the list next time the sync conflict gets triggered.