view - XPage

Defines the top-level container control, that is, the XPage itself.




<xp:view xmlns:xp="" attributes>content</xp:view>
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Category Properties
basics attrs, binding, createForm, defaultLinkTarget, dir, id, loaded, navigationRules, pageBaseUrl, pageIcon, pageManifest, pageTitle, rendered, rendererType, resources, viewState
data acl, data, dataContexts, enableModifiedFlag, modifiedControl, modifiedMessage, properties, readonly
dojo dojoForm, dojoParseOnLoad, dojoTheme
events afterPageLoad, afterRenderResponse, afterRestoreView, beforePageLoad, beforeRenderResponse, onClientLoad
styling disableTheme, style, styleClass, themeId

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At run time, the page properties are applied when the page is loaded.

In Design mode, place focus outside all controls on the page to see the page properties.


This XPage defines a data source, and contains an edit box and a button.
<xp:view xmlns:xp="">
		<xp:dominoDocument var="document1" formName="form1"></xp:dominoDocument>
	<xp:inputText id="inputText1"
		value="#{document1.subject}" style="font-weight:bold">
	<xp:button value="submit" id="button1" 	style="font-weight:bold">
		<xp:eventHandler event="onclick"
			submit="true" refreshMode="complete" immediate="false" save="true">