Allowing script documents to be saved with errors

You can optionally save scripts that contain errors. For compilation and execution, the latest script without errors is used. For editing, the latest script is used.

About this task

Note: You can edit a script saved with errors only in the Eclipse-based LotusScript® editor. The version with errors is not available to the Notes-based LotusScript editor. If you open the script with the Notes-based editor you will see the last version saved without errors.
By default, you receive a message upon exit if a script contains errors. Respond Yes to save the script and No to resume editing.

To enable saving scripts with errors without prompting:


  1. 1. Click File > Preferences.
  2. 2. Expand Domino Designer and click LotusScript Editor.
  3. 3. Clear Prompt me on save if there are LotusScript errors.
  4. Optional: When saving with errors, you can also delete the binary code for the last good script. To do so, select Remove existing object code when saving with errors.