Product overview

HCL Domino® Designer supports applications development for the HCL Domino platform using XPages, forms, views, and other elements such as controls.

XPage is a rapid application development technology for creating collaborative web-based applications. XPages provides a rich set of user interface and data access controls built on the Java™ Server Faces technology. XPages supports the integration of existing HCL Notes® and Domino NSF assets such as documents, views, agents, formulas, and security. These applications can be rendered as dynamic web 2.0 pages both in a browser and in the Notes client. The development interface provides an intuitive drag-and-drop design environment and an XML source environment. Presentation is controlled through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and business logic can be developed using JavaScript™.

The Domino Designer documentation includes:

  • The Domino Designer User Guide introduces the product and describes XPages and its supporting elements. This information also describes Domino Designer features added after version 8.5.
  • The Domino Designer XPages Reference describes the JavaScript interface to Domino Objects, simple actions, and other items of programmatic interest in XPages.
  • The Domino Designer Basic User Guide and Reference describes the forms-based elements of Domino Designer including forms, views, formula language, LotusScript®, and more.

This documentation refers to the following products: HCL Domino, HCL Domino Designer, HCL Notes, HCL iNotes®, and HCL Traveler.