Setting image properties

Set and display properties that define how image resources are handled in your application. By selecting the image in the Applications Navigator, you can view file information and set basic and advanced properties including Web Properties, Design options and more.

The following table provides an overview of the properties that you can set for images:
Table 1. Property tabs and descriptions
Tab Description
Basics Contains information on the selected images and let you set basic properties and advanced properties at the image file level, for example, name, alias, comment and XPage placement and display options. You can also preview the image from this tab.
Web Properties

Contains options for setting properties on how images are handled in Web applications. This includes the following fields:

Read Only - Checking this causes the selected design element(s) to be read-only on the Web.

MIME type (for file resources only) - The MIME type of the file resource for Web clients. The Content-Type header of the HTTP response is set to this value. Domino® Designer fills in this field if it recognizes the extension of the file resource (for example, a GIF image file or an EXE application file).

Info Contains file information such as creation date, modification date, size, access, etc.
Design Contains design-related properties such as design source and inheritance information.
Fields Lets you look up a field in a design element and troubleshoot if it is not running properly. To view specific information for each field, select the field name, and refer to the right panel which gives information about the selected field.
Document IDs Contains document ID information related to your image file.