htmlFilter - HTML Filtering Processor Name Sending

Specifies an Active Content Filtering (ACF) processor for sending data.






In Design mode, click All Properties and look for htmlFilter under basics.

For receiving data, see htmlFilterIn - HTML Filtering Processor Name Receiving.

The processors work as follows:
  • The identity filter returns the original string.
  • The acf processor parses HTML text and filters out unsafe constructs based on a configuration file (acf-config.xml).
  • The empty engine removes everything and returns an empty string.
  • The striptags processor removes all tags using the regular expression replaceAll("\\<.*?>","").

For the Notes® client, the acf configuration file is typically located at xsp\nsf\acf-config.xml in the Notes install. You must also add the following line to the file in the same folder: xsp.htmlfilter.acf.config=acf-config.xml. A sample configuration file is located at data\properties\acf-config.xml.sample.


This Input Box specifies the acf processor for filtering when sending and receiving.
<xp:inputText id="inputText1" value="#{document1.subject}"
	htmlFilter="acf" htmlFilterIn="acf">