skipContainers - Skip Containers

Skips a specified number of named containers to assign a group.




Where n is an integer and 0 (default) means the innermost container.


In Design mode, click All Properties and look for skipContainers under basics.
Every XPage has two named containers: the top-level view and the form. In the generated page source, these containers typically have the names view and _id1 so that the form source begins like this:
<form id="view:_id1"
The following elements also generate named containers: List Box control, Combo Box control, Check Box control, Radio Button control, Repeat control, Include Page control, Table control, View control, Data Table control, Tabbed Panel control, columns in Data Table and View controls, and event handlers. Groups are assigned on a per-container basis unless skipContainers is applied.
For example, radio buttons in two columns in a data table might generate (in the page source) the following identifiers:
id="view:_id1:dataTable1:0:column1:radio1 value="apples""
id="view:_id1:dataTable1:0:column2:radio1" value="oranges"
Where name is the group identifier and 0 means the first row. Identifiers for additional rows are 1, 2, and so on.

Notice that the group names are all different so each button acts independently.

By setting skipContainers to 1, you can remove the column part from the group identifier. Here buttons from both columns in each row act as one group.
id="view:_id1:dataTable1:0:column1:radio1" value="apples"
id="view:_id1:dataTable1:0:column2:radio2" value="oranges"
For this example, to force all buttons on the page into one group, set skipContainers to 3 or 4.

Exceeding the named containers on the page causes a Command Not Handled Exception error when the page is loaded at run time.


The Radio Button controls in this table assign the buttons in both columns of each row to the same group.
<xp:dataTable id="dataTable1" rows="30" var="rowdoc" 
	value="#{javascript:return database.getAllDocuments()}">
	<xp:column id="column1">
		<xp:radio text="apples" id="radio1"
			value="#{document1.fruit}" selectedValue="apples" groupName="fruit"
	<xp:column id="column2">
		<xp:radio text="Oranges" id="radio2"
			value="#{document1.fruit}" selectedValue="oranges" groupName="fruit"