groupName - Group Name

Assigns a radio button to a group.






In Design mode, click the first tab under Properties and look for Radio group name, or click All Properties and look for groupName under basics.

The group does not have to be established. The act of assigning a radio button to a group creates the group.

All Radio Button controls assigned to the same group act in concert. Only one button can be selected at once. If the group name is the name of Radio Button Group control, those buttons are part of the group.


These Radio Button controls belong to the same group.
<xp:radio text="apples" id="radio1" value="#{document1.fruit}"
	groupName="fruit" selectedValue="apples">
<xp:radio text="Oranges" id="radio2" value="#{document1.fruit}"
	groupName="fruit" selectedValue="oranges">