Design editor

The Design editor is where you edit XPages and other design elements, and view lists of design elements.

The Properties view shows the properties for the current selection in the editor. For example, if you are working with a user interface (UI) control in an XPage, as soon as you click that UI control in the XPages editor, the Properties view displays the properties for that UI control.

You can do the following tasks in the editor:

Task Action
Open a design element or list Select the design element or list in the Applications Navigator. Double-click it or click File > Open.
Switch between open design elements and lists Click the tab of the design element or list that you want to view.
Close a design element or list Click the Close icon (an X) on the design element or list tab, or select the tab and click File > Close.
Close all design elements and lists including the current one Click File > Close All. You can also right-click a tab and select Close All.
Maximize the editor Click the Maximize icon or double-click the tab.
Restore the editor to its original size and location Click the Restore icon or double-click the tab. This function is enabled only if you have maximized the editor.
Resize the editor with keyboard arrows Right-click the tab and select Size then Left, Right, Top, or Bottom to highlight an edge of the editor. Press the appropriate keyboard arrow to expand or contract the editor.