Publishing an event on the XPage with a simple action

On the XPage, you can use a client simple action to publish a defined component event.


  1. Implement a mechanism to trigger the simple action. For example, create a button and put the simple action in a client onclick event.
  2. Select one of these client simple actions: Publish Component Property or Publish View Column.
    The former applies to all events. The latter applies only to the onclick event of a view column but is easier to use when dealing with views.
  3. Specify the event name (as defined on the Event tab) of the property to publish.
  4. (Publish Component Property) Specify the value of the property which can be a formula.
  5. (Publish View Column) Specify the name of a column.
  6. (Optional) Specify the type of the property: String (default), Boolean, Number, or JSON.