DBREMOTECMD environment variable (UNIX)

Use the DBREMOTECMD environment variable to override the default remote shell to perform remote tape operations with the database server.

You can set DBREMOTECMD to a simple command or to a full path name.

2.1 command
2.1 pathname
A command to override the default remote shell.
A path name to override the default remote shell.

If you do not specify the full path name, the database server searches your PATH for the specified command. You should use the full path name syntax on interactive UNIX™ platforms to avoid problems with similarly named programs in other directories and possible confusion with the restricted shell (/usr/bin/rsh).

The following command sets DBREMOTECMD for a simple command name:
setenv DBREMOTECMD rcmd
The next command to set DBREMOTECMD specifies a full path name:
setenv DBREMOTECMD /usr/bin/remsh

For more information about using remote tape devices for backups, see Specify a remote device.