TERMCAP environment variable (UNIX)

The TERMCAP environment variable is used for terminal handling. It tells DB-Access (and other character-based applications) to communicate with the termcap file instead of the terminfo directory.

1  setenv TERMCAP pathname
Specifies the location of the termcap file.
The termcap file contains a list of various types of terminals and their characteristics. For example, to provide DB-Access terminal-handling information, which is specified in the /usr/informix/etc/termcap file, enter the following command:
setenv TERMCAP /usr/informix/etc/termcap
You can use set TERMCAP in any of the following ways. If several termcap files exist, they have the following (descending) order of precedence:
  1. The termcap file that you create
  2. The termcap file that the database server supplies (that is, $ONEDB_HOME/etc/termcap)
  3. The operating-system termcap file (that is, /etc/termcap)

If you set the TERMCAP environment variable, be sure that the ONEDB_ TERM environment variable is set to termcap.

If you do not set the TERMCAP environment variable, the terminfo directory is used by default.