INTERACTIVE_DESKTOP_OFF environment variable (Windows)

This environment variable lets you prevent interaction with the Windows™ desktop when an SPL routine executes a SYSTEM command.

2.1 1
2.1 0

If INTERACTIVE_DESKTOP_OFF is 1 and an SPL routine attempts to interact with the desktop (for example, with the notepad.exe or cmd.exe program), the routine fails unless the user is a member of the Administrators group.

The valid settings (1 or 0) have the following effects:
Prevents the database server from acquiring desktop resources for the user executing the stored procedure
SYSTEM commands in a stored procedure can interact with the desktop. This is the default value.

Setting INTERACTIVE_DESKTOP_OFF to 1 allows an SPL routine that does not interact with the desktop to execute more quickly. This setting also allows the database server to simultaneously call a greater number of SYSTEM commands because the command no longer depends on a limited operating- system resource (Desktop and WindowStation handles).