ENVIGNORE environment variable (UNIX)

The ENVIGNORE environment variable can deactivate specified environment variable settings in the common (shared) configuration file, onedb.rc, and private environment-configuration file, .informix.

1  setenv ENVIGNORE + : variable
The name of an environment variable to be deactivated.
Use colon ( : ) symbols between consecutive variable names. For example, to ignore the DBPATH and DBMONEY entries in the environment-configuration files, enter the following command:

The common environment-configuration file is stored in $ONEDB_HOME/etc/onedb.rc.

The private environment-configuration file is stored in the home directory of the user as .informix.

For information about creating or modifying an environment-configuration file, see Setting environment variables in a configuration file.

ENVIGNORE itself cannot be set in an environment-configuration file.