DBANSIWARN environment variable

Use the DBANSIWARN environment variable to indicate that you want to check for HCL OneDB™ extensions to ANSI-standard SQL syntax.

Unlike most environment variables, you are not required to set
to a value. You can set it to any value or to no value.

1  setenv DBANSIWARN

Running DB-Access with DBANSIWARN set is functionally equivalent to including the -ansi flag when you invoke DB-Access (or any HCL OneDB product that recognizes the -ansi flag) from the command line. If you set DBANSIWARN before you run DB-Access, any syntax-extension warnings are displayed on the screen within the SQL menu.

At runtime, the DBANSIWARN environment variable causes the sixth character of the sqlwarn array in the SQL Communication Area (SQLCA) to be set to W when a statement is executed that is recognized as including any HCL OneDB extension to the ANSI/ISO standard for SQL syntax.

For details on SQLCA, see the HCL OneDB ESQL/C Programmer's Manual.

After you set DBANSIWARN, HCL OneDB extension checking is automatic until you log out or unset DBANSIWARN. To turn off HCL OneDB extension checking, you can disable DBANSIWARN with this command: