ONEDB_ SHMBASE environment variable (UNIX)

The ONEDB_ SHMBASE environment variable affects only client applications connected to HCL OneDB™ databases that use the interprocess communications (IPC) shared-memory (ipcshm) protocol.
Important: Resetting ONEDB_ SHMBASE requires a thorough understanding of how the application uses memory. Normally you do not reset ONEDB_ SHMBASE.
ONEDB_ SHMBASE specifies where shared-memory communication segments are attached to the client process so that client applications can avoid collisions with other memory segments that it uses. If you do not set ONEDB_ SHMBASE, the memory address of the communication segments defaults to an implementation-specific value such as 0x800000.

1  setenv ONEDB_ SHMBASE value
is an integer (in KB) used to calculate the memory address.
The database server calculates the memory address where segments are attached by multiplying the value of ONEDB_ SHMBASE by 1,024. For example, on a system that uses the C shell, you can set the memory address to the value 0x800000 by entering the following command:
setenv ONEDB_ SHMBASE 8192 

For more information, see your HCL OneDB Administrator's Guide and the HCL OneDB Administrator's Reference.