IFX_XASTDCOMPLIANCE_XAEND environment variable

In earlier releases of HCL OneDB™, an internal rollback of a global transaction freed the transaction. In releases later than Version 9.40, however, the default behavior after an internal rollback is not to free the global transaction until an explicit rollback, as required by the X/Open XA standard. By setting the DISABLE_B162428_XA_FIX configuration parameter to 1, you can restore the legacy behavior as the default for all sessions.

The IFX_XASTDCOMPLIANCE_XAEND environment variable can override the configuration parameter for the current session, using the following syntax. Valid IFX_XASTDCOMPLIANCE_XAEND values are 1 and 0.

2.1 1
2.1 0
Frees global transactions only after an explicit rollback
Frees global transactions after any rollback

This environment variable can be particularly useful when the server instance is disabled for new behavior by the DISABLE_B162428_XA_FIX configuration parameter, but one client requires the new behavior. Setting this environment variable to zero supports the new behavior in the current session.