PLOAD_SHMBASE environment variable

The PLOAD_SHMBASE environment variable lets you specify the shared-memory address at which the High Performance Loader (HPL) onpload processes will attach. If PLOAD_SHMBASE is not set, the HPL determines which shared-memory address to use.

1  setenv PLOAD_SHMBASE value
Used to calculate the shared-memory address.

If the onpload utility cannot attach, an error is issued, and you must specify a new value.

The onpload utility tries to determine at which address to attach, as follows in the following (descending) order:
  1. Attach at the same address (SHMBASE) as the database server.
  2. Attach beyond the database server segments.
  3. Attach at the address specified in PLOAD_SHMBASE.
Tip: It is recommended that you let the HPL decide where to attach and that you set PLOAD_SHMBASE only if necessary to avoid shared-memory collisions between onpload and the database server.

For more information, see the HCL OneDB™ High-Performance Loader User's Guide.