IFX_XFER_SHMBASE environment variable

An alternative base address for a utility to attach the server shared memory segments.

2.1 address
Valid address in hexadecimal

After the database server allocates shared memory, the database server might allocate multiple contiguous OS shared memory segments. The client utility that connects to shared memory must attach all those OS segments contiguously also. The utility might have some other shared objects (for example, the xbsa library in onbar) loaded at the address where the server has shared memory segment attached. To workaround this situation, you can specify a different base address in the environment variable IFX_XFER_SHMBASE for the utility to attach the shared memory segments. The onstat, onmode, and oncheck utilities must attach to exact same shared memory base as oninit. Setting IFX_XFER_SHMBASE is not an option for these utilities.