IFX_NO_TIMELIMIT_WARNING environment variable

Trial or evaluation versions of HCL OneDB™ software products, which cease to function when some time limit has elapsed since the software was installed, by default issue warning messages that tell users when the license will expire. If you set the IFX_NO_TIMELIMIT_WARNING environment variable, however, the time-limited software does not issue these warning messages.


For users who dislike viewing warning messages, this feature is an alternative to redirecting the error output. Setting IFX_NO_TIMELIMIT_WARNING has no effect, however, on when a time-limited license expires; the software ceases to function at the same point in time when it would if this environment variable had not been set. If you do set IFX_NO_TIMELIMIT_WARNING, users will not see potentially annoying warnings about the impending license expiration, but some users might be annoyed at you when the database server (or whatever software has a time-limited license) ceases to function without any warning.