TZ environment variable

The TZ environment variable is used for setting the time zone. It is used by various time functions to compute times relative to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), formerly known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The format is specified by the operating system.

1  setenv TZ tzn
1  +
1  -
2  hh
2?  : mm?  : ss
2?  dzn
Three-letter time zone name, such as PST. You must specify the correct offset from local time to UTC (Universal Time Coordinated).
A one- or two-digit difference in hours between UTC and local time. Optionally signed.
Two-digit difference in minutes between UTC and local time.
Two-digit difference in seconds between UTC and local time.
Three-letter daylight-saving-time zone, such as PDT. If daylight saving time is never in effect in the locality, set TZ without a value for dzn.

For example, if you use Pacific Standard Time with Pacific daylight savings time, set the TZ environment variable to PST8PDT. For more information on setting the TZ environment variable, see your operating system documentation.