ONEDB_ TERM environment variable (UNIX)

The ONEDB_ TERM environment variable specifies whether DB-Access should use the information in the terminfo directory or the termcap file.

On character-based systems, the terminfo directory and termcap file determine terminal-dependent keyboard and screen capabilities, such as the operation of function keys, color and intensity attributes in screen displays, and the definition of window borders and graphic characters.

1  setenv ONEDB_ TERM
2.1 terminfo
2.1 termcap

If ONEDB_ TERM is not set, the default setting is terminfo.

The terminfo directory contains a file for each terminal name that has been defined. The terminfo setting for ONEDB_ TERM is supported only on computers that provide full support for the UNIX™ System V terminfo library. For details, see the machine notes file for your product.

When DB-Access is installed on your system, a termcap file is placed in the etc subdirectory of $ONEDB_HOME. This file is a superset of an operating-system termcap file. You can use the termcap file that the database server supplies, the system termcap file, or a termcap file that you create. You must set the TERMCAP environment variable if you do not use the default termcap file. For information about setting the TERMCAP environment variable, see TERMCAP environment variable (UNIX).