ONCONFIG environment variable

The ONCONFIG environment variable specifies the name of the active file, called the onconfig file, which holds the configuration parameters for the database server.

This file is read as input during the initialization procedure. After you prepare your onconfig configuration file, set the ONCONFIG environment variable to the name of this file.

1  setenv ONCONFIG filename
is the name of your onconfig file in the %ONEDB_HOME%\etc\%ONCONFIG% or $ONEDB_HOME/etc/$ONCONFIG directory

This file contains the configuration parameters for your database.

To prepare the onconfig file, make a copy of the onconfig.std file and modify the copy. Name the onconfig file so that it can easily be related to a specific database server. If you have multiple instances of a database server, each instance must have its own uniquely named onconfig file.

If the ONCONFIG environment variable is not set, the database server reads the configuration values from the onconfig file during initialization.