IFX_UNLOAD_EILSEQ_MODE environment variable

Use the IFX_UNLOAD_EILSEQ_MODE environment variable to help migrate databases from HCL OneDB™ Version 10 to Version 11.50 or 11.70, where character data might be encoded with a codeset that is different than the codeset used to create the Version 10 database.

In earlier versions of HCL OneDB, it was possible to load character data into a database that did not match the locale and codeset of the database. For example you could load Chinese data into a database created with the DB_LOCALE=en_US.8859-1 codeset. In newer versions of HCL OneDB, to insert Chinese data you would need a database created with the Chinese (DB_LOCALE=zh_tw.big5 locale and codeset.

Important: For databases created with Version 10 and Client SDK 2.4, when you attempt to unload the invalid character data an error occurs unless you have set this environment variable. The IFX_UNLOAD_EILSEQ_MODE environment variable enables DB-Access, dbexport, and High Performance Loader (HPL) to unload character and bypass the GLS validation that normally occurs when you unload data by using the Version 11.50 and 11.70 tools.
To use this environment variable, set it to any non-empty string.

1  setenv IFX_UNLOAD_EILSEQ_MODE value
Any alpha or numeric value. For example: yes, true, or 1.
This environment variable takes effect when character data is being fetched or retrieved from the database.

This environment variable is similar to setting the EILSEQ_COMPAT_MODE configuration parameter in the ONCONFIG file. The configuration parameter affects character data that is inserted into the database, whereas the IFX_UNLOAD_EILSEQ_MODE environment variable affects character data that is unloaded from the database.