ONEDB_ CPPMAP environment variable

Set the ONEDB_ CPPMAP environment variable to specify the fully qualified pathname of the map file for C++ programs. Information in the map file includes the database server type, the name of the shared library that supports the database object or value object type, the library entry point for the object, and the C++ library for which an object was built.

1  setenv ONEDB_ CPPMAP pathname
The directory path where the C++ map file is stored.

The map file is a text file that can have any filename. You can specify several map files, separated by colons ( : ) on UNIX™ or semicolons ( ; ) on Windows™.

On UNIX, the default map file is $ONEDB_HOME/etc/c++map. On Windows, the default map file is %ONEDB_HOME%\etc\c++map.