IONEDB_ OPCACHE environment variable

The IONEDB_ OPCACHE environment variable can specify the size of the memory cache for the staging-area blobspace of the client application.

1  setenv IONEDB_ OPCACHE kilobytes
Specifies the value you set for the optical memory cache.

Set the IONEDB_ OPCACHE environment variable by specifying the size of the memory cache in KB. The specified size must be equal to or smaller than the size of the system-wide configuration parameter, OPCACHEMAX.

If you do not set IONEDB_ OPCACHE, the default cache size is 128 kilobytes or the size specified in the configuration parameter OPCACHEMAX. The default for OPCACHEMAX is 0. If you set IONEDB_ OPCACHE to a value of 0, Optical Subsystem does not use the cache.