DBTEMP environment variable

The DBTEMP environment variable is used by DB-Access. DBTEMP resembles DBSPACETEMP, specifying the directory in which to place temporary files and temporary tables.

1  setenv DBTEMP pathname
The full path name of the directory for temporary files and tables.

For DB-Access to work correctly on Windows™ platforms, DBTEMP should be set to $ONEDB_HOME/infxtmp.

The following example sets DBTEMP to the path name usr/magda/mytemp for UNIX™ systems that use the C shell:
setenv DBTEMP usr/magda/mytemp
Important: DBTEMP can point to an NFS-mounted directory only if the vendor of that NFS device is certified by HCL.

If DBTEMP is not set, the database server creates temporary files in the /tmp directory and temporary tables in the DBSPACETEMP directory. See DBSPACETEMP environment variable for the default if DBSPACETEMP is not set. Similarly, if you do not set DBTEMP on the client system, temporary files (such as those created for scroll cursors) are created in the /tmp directory.

You might experience unexpected behavior or failure in operations on values of large or complex data types, such as BYTE or ROW, if DBTEMP is not set.