ONEDB_C environment variable (UNIX)

The ONEDB_C environment variable specifies the filename or pathname of the C compiler to be used to compile files that generates. The setting takes effect only during the C compilation stage.

If ONEDB_C is not set, the default compiler on most systems is cc.
Tip: On Windows™, you pass either -mcc or -bcc options to the esql preprocessor to use either the Microsoft™ or Borland C compilers.

1  setenv ONEDB_C
2.1 compiler
2.1 pathname
The file name of the C compiler.
The full path name of the C compiler.
For example, to specify the GNU C compiler, enter the following command:
setenv ONEDB_C gcc
Important: If you use gcc, be aware that the database server assumes that strings are writable, so you must compile by using the -fwritable-strings option. Failure to do so can produce unpredictable results, possibly including core dumps.