DBBLOBBUF environment variable

Use the DBBLOBBUF environment variable to control whether TEXT or BYTE values are stored temporarily in memory or in a file while being processed by the UNLOAD statement. DBBLOBBUF affects only the UNLOAD statement.

1  setenv DBBLOBBUF size
represents the maximum size of TEXT or BYTE data in KB.
If the TEXT or BYTE data size is smaller than the default of 10 KB (or the setting of DBBLOBBUF), the TEXT or BYTE value is temporarily stored in memory. If the data size is larger than the default or the DBBLOBBUF setting, the data value is written to a temporary file. For instance, to set a buffer size of 15 KB, set DBBLOBBUF as in the following example:
setenv DBBLOBBUF 15

Here any TEXT or BYTE value smaller than 15 KB is stored temporarily in memory. Values larger than 15 KB are stored temporarily in a file.