ONEDB_ CONCSMCFG environment variable

Use the ONEDB_ CONCSMCFG environment variable to specify the location of the concsm.cfg file that describes communications support modules.

1  setenv ONEDB_ CONCSMCFG pathname
specifies the full pathname of the concsm.cfg file.
The following command specifies that the concsm.cfg file is in /usr/myfiles:
setenv ONEDB_ CONCSMCFG /usr/myfiles
You can also specify a different name for the file. The following example specifies a filename of csmconfig in the same directory:
setenv ONEDB_ CONCSMCFG /usr/myfiles/csmconfig

The default location of the concsm.cfg file is in $ONEDB_HOME/etc. For more information about communications support modules and the contents of the concsm.cfg file, see the HCL OneDB™ Administrator's Reference.