IFX_SMX_TIMEOUT environment variable

Use the IFX_SMX_TIMEOUT environment variable to specify the maximum number of seconds for a high-availability replication (HDR), remote stand-alone (RS) or shared disk (SD) secondary server to wait for a message from the primary server in a Server Multiplexer Group (SMX) connection.

1  setenv IFX_SMX_TIMEOUT value
Any positive numeric value for the number of seconds or -1 to disable this environment variable. There is no upper limit to the number of seconds that you can specify.
default value
For example, to indicate that the secondary server should wait for no more than 60 seconds, specify:

If the secondary server does not receive any message after the number of seconds specified in the IFX_SMX_TIMEOUT environment variable and after the number of cycles specified in the IFX_SMX_TIMEOUT_RETRY environment variable have completed, the secondary server will print the error message in the online.log and close the SMX connection. If an SMX timeout message is in the online.log, you might need to increase the IFX_SMX_TIMEOUT value, the IFX_SMX_TIMEOUT_RETRY value, or both of these values and restart secondary node.

This environment variable applies only to secondary servers. If you set this environment variable on the primary server, it will become effective only if the primary server becomes a secondary server after a failure.