IFX_ONTAPE_FILE_PREFIX environment variable

When TAPEDEV and LTAPEDEV specify directories, use the IFX_ONTAPE_FILE_PREFIX environment variable to specify a prefix for backup file names that replaces the hostname_servernum format. If no value is set, file names are hostname_servernum_Ln for levels and hostname_servernum_Lognnnnnnnnnn for log files.

If you set the value of IFX_ONTAPE_FILE_PREFIX to My_Backup, the backup file names have the following names:
  • My_Backup_L0
  • My_Backup_L1
  • My_Backup_L2
  • My_Backup_Log0000000001
  • My_Backup_Log0000000002

1  setenv IFX_ONTAPE_FILE_PREFIX string
The prefix to use for the names of backup files.