STMT_CACHE environment variable

Use the STMT_CACHE environment variable to control the use of the shared-statement cache on a session.

This feature can reduce memory consumption and can speed query processing among different user sessions. Valid STMT_CACHE values are 1 and 0.

1  setenv STMT_CACHE
2.1 1
2.1 0
enables the SQL statement cache.
disables the SQL statement cache.

Set the STMT_CACHE environment variable for applications that do not use the SET STMT_CACHE statement to control the use of the SQL statement cache. By default, a statement cache is disabled, but can be enabled through the STMT_CACHE parameter of the onconfig.std file or by the SET STMT_CACHE statement.

This environment variable has no effect if the SQL statement cache is disabled through the configuration file setting. Values set by the SET STMT_CACHE statement in the application override the STMT_CACHE setting.