IFX_NO_SECURITY_CHECK environment variable (UNIX)

The IFX_NO_SECURITY_CHECK environment variable allows user informix or root to complete operations with a database server instance even when the HCL OneDB™ utilities detect that the $ONEDB_HOME path is not secure. Do not use this environment variable unless your system setup makes it absolutely necessary to do so.

The purpose of IFX_NO_SECURITY_CHECK is for environments where the database server started but while running it detects that the runtime path is not secure anymore. In this case, a superuser might be required to stop the database server in order to remedy the security flaw. With this environment variable, either user informix or root can use the onmode utility to shut down a nonsecure HCL OneDB instance, which would otherwise not be possible because key programs do not run when the $ONEDB_HOME path is not secure.

There is some risk in using this environment variable, but in some circumstances it might be necessary to remedy a bigger security problem. The requirement that only user informix or root can invoke IFX_NO_SECURITY_CHECK makes it unlikely that an illegitimate user would be able to run it.

To use this environment variable, set it to any non-empty string.

Any value entered here when running this environment variable disables the onsecurity utility.
Important: Turn off this environment variable after you have finished troubleshooting the security problem.