ANSIOWNER environment variable

In an ANSI-compliant database, you can prevent the default behavior of upshifting lowercase letters in owner names that are not delimited by quotation marks by setting the ANSIOWNER environment variable to 1.

1  setenv ANSIOWNER  1 

To prevent upshifting of lowercase letters in owner names in an ANSI-compliant database, you must set ANSIOWNER before you initialize HCL OneDB™.

The following table shows how an ANSI-compliant database of HCL OneDB stores or reads the specified name of a database object called oblong if you were the owner of oblong and your userid (in all lowercase letters) were owen:
Table 1. Lettercase of implicit, unquoted, and quoted owner names, with and without ANSIOWNER
Owner Format Specification ANSIOWNER = 1 ANSIOWNER Not Set
Implicit: oblong owen.oblong OWEN.oblong
Unquoted: owen.oblong owen.oblong OWEN.oblong
Quoted: 'owen'.oblong owen.oblong owen.oblong
Because they do not match the lettercase of your userid, any SQL statements that specified the formats that are stored as OWEN.oblong would fail with errors.