ONEDB_ STACKSIZE environment variable

The ONEDB_ STACKSIZE environment variable specifies the stack size (in KB) that is applied to all client processes. Any value that you set for ONEDB_ STACKSIZE in the client environment is ignored by the database server.

1  setenv ONEDB_ STACKSIZE size
is an integer, setting the stack size (in KB) for SQL client threads.
For example, to decrease the ONEDB_ STACKSIZE to 20 KB, enter the following command:
If ONEDB_ STACKSIZE is not set, the stack size is taken from the database server configuration parameter STACKSIZE or else defaults to a platform-specific value. The default stack size value for the primary thread of an SQL client is 32 KB for nonrecursive database activity.
Warning: For instructions on setting this value, see the HCL OneDB™ Administrator's Reference. If you incorrectly set the value of ONEDB_ STACKSIZE, it can cause the database server to fail.