PSM_DEBUG environment variable

Use the PSM_DEBUG environment variable to specify the amount of debugging information that prints in the OneDB® Primary Storage Manager debug log for your environment, for example, for a single session.

1  setenv PSM_DEBUG  value
0 = No debugging messages.
1 = Prints only internal errors.
2 = Prints information about the entry and exit of functions and prints internal errors.
3 = Prints the information specified by 1-2 with additional details.
4 = Prints information about parallel operations and the information specified by 1-3.
5 = Prints information about internal states in the OneDB Primary Storage Manager.
6 = Prints the information specified by 1-5 with additional details.
7 = Prints information specified by 1-6 with additional details.
8 = Prints information specified by 1-7 with additional details.
9 = Prints all debugging information.

The PSM_DEBUG environment variable overrides the value of the PSM_DEBUG configuration parameter.