Specify a remote device

You can perform a storage-space or logical-log backup across your network to a remote device attached to another host computer on UNIX™ and Linux™ platforms.

You should not do a continuous backup to a remote device.

The remote device and the database server computer must have a trusted relationship so that the rsh or the rlogin utility can connect from the database server computer to the remote device computer without asking for password. You can establish a trusted relationship by configuring the /etc/hosts.equiv file, the ~/.rhosts file, or any equivalent mechanism for your system on the remote device computer. If you want to use a different utility to handle the remote session than the default utility used by your platform, you can set the DBREMOTECMD environment variable to the specific utility that you want to use.

To specify a tape device on another host computer, use the following syntax to set the TAPEDEV or LTAPEDEV configuration parameter:
The following example specifies a tape device on the host computer kyoto:

For information about the tape size for remote devices, see Tape size for remote devices.